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● Modern technologies provide the breakthrough affordability for top quality brake pads.

● By acquiring FIT products you get the highest quality for a reasonable price. FIT is the best combination of price and quality.

● FIT is a new brand striving to establish trust-based longterm relationships with customers. FIT monitors quality management at each step of engineering and production.


Website: https://fitbrake.com.ua


Dust-free technology

Ceramic formula

Non-abrasive formula


FITCorporation, Japan founded in Japan in 2010. Fit Co. Japan is an uprising company that launched a new brand of braking systems. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Japan, Taiwan and Republic of Korea. Technological process and friction formulas are absolutely the same on different plants.

FIT brake pads perfectly match the cars they are manufactured for, same as in case of original parts offered by OEM manufacturers. FIT Corporation Japan is focused only on braking systems (brake pads, brake shoes and brake rotors) for passenger cars. The focused approach enables us to implement innovations quickly and to perform robust quality management. FIT innovations concern not only the manufacturing process. We innovate in logistics, product launch and building the product range. The product range is focused on the most popular cars of Japanese, Korean, European and American vehicle brands.

Production facilities are located in Japan, Taiwan and Republic of Korea.

Fit Co. Japan obliges all its international affiliates in every country to fulfill an independent expertise of FIT products twice a year. FIT claims the serious requests to our partners and to ourselves as well.


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